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For anyone who has been planning out their year and checking out key dates on the Troop 912 calendar, there have been several minor changes, particularly after the first of the year.  Please recheck the calendar to make sure you have the latest information.

We should be set now except for maybe the June dates for Spring Court of Honor and camping.  As far a I know, everything is fine, but sometimes the end of year school calendar changes and we have to adjust.


In preparation for our upcoming backpacking trip, I wanted to share a few things to help you get prepared.  There are still several resources on the Resource Page that you can read to help you determine what to pack and how to pack.  Here is a Backpacking Cheat Sheet from the Campmor site that is also informative.  I had posted it previously here as well.

I added the meal planning information to the Cooking and Recipes Resource Page that I had shared for the last backpacking campout.  You can start with this and make modifications as you see fit.  Similar to our last trip, patrols will plan meals next week (Tue Sept 9th) and a patrol member will buy the food so that you can pack it up the following Tuesday (sept 16th) prior to the campout.

Scouting in a NutshellHere, then, is Scouting in a nutshell: A game for boys under the leadership of boys with the wise guidance and counsel of a grown-up who has still the enthusiasm of youth in him. A purposeful game, but a game just the same, a game that develops character by practice, that trains for citizenship—through experience in the out-of-doors.

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