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Please remember that everyone attending Summer Camp this year will need a new Medical Evaluation (parts A, B, and C) that requires a doctors visit.  I need these by the end of May to be sure everything is ready for Camp.  For those doing the SCUBA program, medicals must be turned in to camp by May 1st in order to participate.  There is a special SCUBA medical form that will also have to be filled out that I should have soon.

For everyone else, I need to make sure I have a current Medical form (parts A and B) that does not require a doctors visit.  These should really be renewed each year so that if there is ever an incident, we have the latest information.  We are also working to get these up to date so that we do not need to request Insurance information along with every Campout Permission slip.

NOTE:  All medical forms also require a copy of your insurance card!

The current medical forms can be found on our Resource page.  They have been greatly simplified and can be filled out electronically.  They are much easier than previous forms.  Please take the time to fill these out and get me an updated medical.  We will be bugging you in the weeks to come.

The permission slip for the April campout has been posted to the Resources section on the website.  These are due next week along with the $25 (cash) for the campout.  As we discussed last night, they are due a week early than normal so we have time to prepare for a backpacking trip and because we will miss a week for Spring Break.

Please keep in mind that this is a more rigorous outing and may not be for everyone.  We will be backpacking a total of at least 5 miles over the two days and carrying at least 25 pounds of gear in you backpack (food, shelter, sleeping bags, clothing, cook gear, water, etc).  It is remote trail camping so we will be carrying everything we need with us.

We are working very hard to make sure this can be a great experience for everyone involved.  Backpacking can be very rewarding and is a unique camping experience that requires some different skills from our typical camp outings.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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