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We made Otto Pizza Hut and everyone is filling up. We will head to camp in a few minutes. It’s about 30 minutes from here. 

I’ll be on the trail all week so you may not see much more from me until Friday or when we get back. 

Have a great week!


Awesome campout this weekend we played ultimate frisbee last night until it was too dark to see and we all had no more sweat to perspire. It was not too hot a overcast all day while canoeing, which made things really nice. 

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Scouting in a NutshellHere, then, is Scouting in a nutshell: A game for boys under the leadership of boys with the wise guidance and counsel of a grown-up who has still the enthusiasm of youth in him. A purposeful game, but a game just the same, a game that develops character by practice, that trains for citizenship—through experience in the out-of-doors.

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