A Typical Meeting

Troop Meetings are normally held at Cincinnati Christian Elementary (CCS) on Tuesday nights from 7:00pm to 8:30 pm.  Scouting does not require absolute commitment to the exclusion of other activities. If a scout needs to miss a Troop activity, please have him contact his Patrol Leader or the Scoutmaster in advance to inform him of the schedule conflict.

Meetings are held throughout the school year.  A break is taken over Christmas and during June, July, and August.  During the winter months, if CCS school is closed due to weather, there is no meeting.  Generally, an email will be sent out if a meeting is cancelled, but the policy is that if CCS school is cancelled there will not be a meeting.

Scouts should wear their Class A uniform to all official scout events, including weekly meetings. They should always have their book with them as well.  This is necessary so that they can have requirements signed off in their book when they are completed.  In some cases a class B uniform is appropriate.  These cases will be clearly communicated as they arise.

A typical Troop 912 meeting begins with a time of play.  As the scouts gather, they often engage in impromptu pickup basketball or dodge ball games, or other physical recreation for 20 minutes or ½ hour.  Thereafter, the troop is assembled, in uniform, and the meeting proper begins.  Uniform inspection is sometimes conducted formally; often it is informal with just observations as the troop assembles.  Points are awarded for having and wearing properly the correct uniform (and for participating otherwise in troop activities as well).  Prizes are awarded in the Spring for those with the highest point totals.

A brief opening ceremony is conducted, ranging from a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance or the Scout Oath or Law, to prayer, or another Scout-related matter.

After announcements and distribution of any necessary paperwork, a scout skill is taught or reviewed.  Ideally, thereafter, a test of that skill takes place either through a contest or game involving use of it, or just through practice of the skill by the scouts.  Commonly, such skills are taught by the more senior scouts.  Such teachings might include, for example, knot tying or lashings, proper care and use of gear – stoves, lanterns, cookware, etc. – cooking, first aid, cold weather camping, or any of the other skills necessary or appropriate for the troop to learn or review.

When the game/test is completed, a brief closing ceremony is conducted by the boys, and the meeting is adjourned to the following week.

Periodically, we hold an “advancement night” where we concentrate on having older scouts teach and test younger scouts those skills and knowledge necessary for the younger scout to progress through the ranks.  These nights are really intended just to remind the scouts that attention to the elements of rank advancement is necessary, and to give them an opportunity to address those that require more than one person to do.  They are not, however, intended to be a substitute for each scout working on his own knowledge and skills on his own time.  Virtually all the necessary knowledge is set forth in the Scout Handbook that each scout should have with him at all scouting functions.