Boards of Review

Each rank, apart from “Scout” is formally awarded by a Board of Review.  Other than for Eagle Scout rank (which is a special board), Boards of Review are comprised of three adults from the Troop.  After a scout completes his elements for a rank, and successfully completes a Scoutmaster Conference, he arranges for and goes before a Board of Review assembled by the Troop Advancement Chairman.  At that review, conducted privately between the Board and the Scout, the Scout is expected to respond to questions about scouting, his skills and knowledge, his role in and view of the Troop, his ambitions and desires in scouting (and often in life) and sometimes on other subjects as well.  If the Board is satisfied that the scout has met the requirements for the rank being sought, then the scout is passed and the rank is awarded.  If the Board is not satisfied, the scout may be asked to review information and return, or to take other action to improve his readiness, after which he can be reviewed again.  The Board of Review is not a “test” of the scouts’ skills.  “Testing” is to be accomplished before the scout is signed off in his book and as much as possible should be completed by a higher ranking scout.  This process also helps the older scouts hone their leadership skills and give them a higher degree of responsibility.

The purpose of the Board of Review is twofold:  First, to assure that the scouts being promoted in Troop 912 do, in fact, have the knowledge and skills that they are supposed to have at the rank in question and second, to afford the scout an opportunity to voice concerns or issues, with members of the Troop Committee other than the Scoutmaster, regarding the troop or its program.  The program thus is designed to be self-regulating, with accountability flowing in all directions – Scoutmaster, Committee, Youth Leaders, and Troop.